The Covenant

The Elite
The Elite

   Elites ( or Sangheili) are at least 8′ 6″ tall, have four fingers and look like a lizard or a Theropod , except for their jaws. When wearing armor, they take on a shark like look because of the “fins” on the sides of their helmets. Their jaws are four separate mandibles attached to their face.  The Sangheili are attributed for strength and intelligence, and are praised for their bravery and respect. Sangheili warriors augment these natural abilities further through use of Personal Energy Shields , integrated into their armor. Depending upon rank and mission objective, they are commonly seen in battle with Plasma Rifles,Needlers or sometimes Energy swords. They usually command squads of Grunts.

The Grunt

In appearance, Grunts (or Unggoy) are some of the strangest species in the Halo universe. They have grayish-blue skin and small black and red bead-like eyes. Humans have termed such warriors Grunts, due to their size, and because of their speech patterns (as they often make odd squeaking and grunting noises). Grunts share features with a number of Earth animals. Like simians, they walk on their hind legs, using their front legs to pull themselves along, as well as to grab and hold things. Like elephants, their skin hangs loosely over their skeletons, giving them baggy skin. Like lizards and fish, their skin is covered in thick scales and ,like crocodiles, they seem to have armored skin. They are usually armed with Plasma Pistols and Plasma Grenades but sometimes carry Needlers. The Special Operations Grunts (the blackish-grey ones) even carry Fuel Rod cannons. 

The Jackal
Jackals (or Kig-Yar) are mainly seen wielding Plasma Pistols but can also wield Plasma Rifles or needlers. Jackals, upon seeing you, sometimes turn towards you and start pointing, allowing you to kill them rather quickly. However, because they alert all other Covenant to your presence when they do, be prepared to start killing everyone else in the immediate vicinity. Jackals can be problematic because your allies pound away at the shield with no forethought, wasting time and allowing them to be killed by other Covenant Soldiers. Their over-charged Plasma Pistol shots can be a real pain because they are hard to dodge.  

The Hunter The Hunter



The Hunters (or Lekgolo) are a species of small colonial worm-like creatures. Hunters take a bulking bipedal form in the Covenant military. In this form, they are the strongest and most resilient species in the Covenant. These forms stand between twelve and thirteen feet tall, but when in their combat state they crouch into between eight to eight and a half feet, protecting their visible orange unarmored stomach and neck. Their armour has a blue luster that makes the orange-red skin of the Lekgolo worms inside very noticeable, but the colony itself is hard to spot. They always fight in pairs due to the fact that when the colony gets too big, it splits into another Hunter form creating an enormous bond between the two bond brothers. They are always armed with a Fuel Rod cannon and will pound the enemy if they get close. They have an extremely strong coating of armor made of an unknown alloy.

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