Halo:Combat Evolved Intro

Halo: Combat EvolvedHalo is set in the year 2552. The Covenant(a theocratic alien race) arrive at Reach, colonized by the UNSC (United Nations Space Command). It is the Humans last major stronghold and they fought for it strongly. But the Covenant manage to storm the planet leaving barely any survivors. The Master Chief (the last SPARTAN thought to be alive) escapes on the ship the Pillar Of Autumn. The Autumn, in order to avoid leading the Covenant to Earth, proceeds to coordinates chosen by the female AI Cortana. The Pillar Of Autumn, after having dropped through slipspace soon discovers the titular ringed planet Halo. They are then attacked by a strong force of Covenant ships and boarding craft. Battle damage and heavy crew losses forces Captain Keyes (the Captain of the vessel) to land the Pillar Of Autumn on the surface of Halo. The Master Chief along with Cortana escape the Autumn in an escape pod shortly before it lands. After crashing on the surface the Master Chief finds that all the other crew members in his escape pod did not survive the impact. The Chief is then sent to search for the other escape pod survivors. Once they had gathered them up they proceeded to execute missions to which would aid the war against the Covenant. Eventually the Master Chief and Cortana discover the parasitic species called the Flood which was foolishly released by the Covenant. The outbreak of the Flood prompts the ring’s caretaker, 343 Guilty Spark, to convince the Master Chief to activate Halo’s defences, so that the Flood can be destroyed. The Forerunners (Covenant’s Gods) created Halo to starve the Flood of their food-sentient life-by exterminating all possible vectors for thousands of light-years in all directions. Upon discovering this the Master Chief detonates the fusion reactors in the crashed Pillar Of Autumn,destroying the ring. He and Cortana then escape in a fighter space-craft.


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